Go on an adventure that takes you on a trail of clues that lead you to some fun and exciting locations....but on the Web!     Each hunt will take you through some of my websites, some of our sponsoring websites, and others that I think are just plain cool!  So take your time or feel free to return to any of these great sites to do a little shopping of your own.  Each hunt follows a different theme, so you can choose one that suits your interests.  You will be scavenging for clues that make up a CODE at the end.  This is the KEY to the Treasure!  And best of all...it's FREE!  Email me the correct CODE to be entered  in a drawing to win the TREASURE.
This is also a fun gift idea for giving E-GIFTS like Gift Cards or Gift Certificates.  To do the treasure hunt as a GIFT for someone else, you will be hiding your own Virtual gift at the end as the treasure.  They will be emailing you with the correct CODE at the end to redeem the TREASURE they are receiving from you. This adds a lot more as a GIFT when you are sending an E-GIFT.  Remember we are providing the hunt for FREE.  You get to take the credit for being creative when you give this as a gift.  Or do the TREASURE hunt for yourself and you are entered into a drawing to win a prize at the end.  Sign our Guest Book to recieve special DISCOUNTS from participating stores AND to TRIPLE your chances to win the drawing and claim the TREASURE as your own!
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"Next drawing will be July 15, 2010!"
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Fashion Finds Treasure Hunt will run from July 15th to July 22nd.  Deadline for purchasing your $2 clue ticket will be at 11:45 pm. on July 14th!  Everyones Clue Ticket will be e-mailed out on July 15th.  There will be 2 BIG WINNERS! and 3 other winners.  The more tickets that are sold, the bigger the "Treasure Chest" of winnings will be.  So spread the word!  The top 2 people with the most referrals WIN a piece of the Treasure, plus your name gets entered in the drawing for each referral that buys a ticket!  For more info just click on the banner to the left.
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Order your $2.00 Clue Ticket today!  Deadline for entering is July 14.  Win money for referring friends who buy their own clue tickets, plus you earn more chances for winning BIG!  Just click on the link above for more information.  Good Luck!